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Oct 13th / 118


Hello, guys… These news really left me shocked. As much as I already knew that this was about to happen, I really didn’t realize it was so brief. Everyone already knew that the disband of MBLAQ as OT5 would be next. Even though the group has finished, they will remain with solo activities. Let’s stay strong and united, we will support them regardless of your choices! We all know that even before Joon become a member of MBLAQ, he wanted to be an actor! So now, he’s taking the opportunity to focus in his dream. Instead of feeling sad, let’s stay happy! Let’s show them that no matter what happens, we will always be supporting them. That we will always be close by giving our best for them, just as they do for us. Stay strong A+, stay strong MBLAQ! We always be a family! FIGHTING!

Oct 9th / 44

[TWITTER] 141009 MBLAQ official twitter tweet



[#MBLAQ] MBLAQ’s official twitter has opened.
Please show lots of interest and love^^ #MBLAQ #APlus

Translation: ☆sunshine @ mblaqattack.net
Oct 9th / 133

[MESSAGE] 141009 Hello It’s Mir


Something is strange right off from the title, right?
I don’t know what is what since I am writing this by using smartphone..
I am writing this in order to communicate with you guys..since I think that doing it
through Twitter is not polite..huhu..
I am really hurt because many fans are really worried and hurt..
I am really sorry since so many fans feel uneasy due to some rumors..
I will calm you guys through MBLAQ members..
Please just close your eyes and ears for now..our number 1 priority is to not disappoint fans..
even now.so please just wait for a little bit..we will keep our promise..!!
The weather is suddenly cold now ㅠ
Please be careful of cold, study hard, work hard, and play hard..
don’t get sick..ㅠㅁㅠ
We will come back soon with good news~to be continued

Translation: seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.net
Oct 3rd / 657

[REBLOG THIS, PLEASE] Read, is important.


Today, MBLAQ had a performance at Donguigwahakdae Festival in Busan, they sang Mona Lisa, This Is War, Be A Man, Key and Oh Yeah. However during Key song, G.O cried a lot and the other BLAQies seemed sad. 

Also, Mir tweeted a weird tweet and some A+ speculated tha MBLAQ might disband, but a KA+ called J.Tune and they said it wouldn’t happen. However, all A+ on the world are sending positive messages to cheer our boys. Then, let’s send tweets, pics and more with positive messages for them! 

We all want our boys smiling and happy, not sad! Let’s cheer them up on twitter. Reblog this and spread the words to all A+!

Ps: As Joon doesn’t have twitter, just put @이준 in your tweets.

Thank you!

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